Midnight All Year Story

I set out to design stylish and wearable black tee shirts using only the best cotton fabrics which I’ve custom developed for each piece.

In my past life I was a textile and clothing designer in NYC. In my fantasy life I promenade down beautiful European streets in delicate, precarious couture. In my actual life I drive around Milton, Pennsylvania on too many errands, raise three kids on my own, work full time, and sweat.

My clothes need to be comfortable and durable, and I never dry clean anything. I’m happiest in black. I hate sunny weather, synthetic fabrics, and most summer clothes. I like tops that are long enough to cover my waistline in a flattering way and provide enough chest and bra coverage for an active lifestyle.

I’ve always wanted a closet full of high-end, black cotton tee-shirts that Morticia Addams could throw on with jeans.

I’ve spent every spare moment and penny for over two years developing our first three styles in very limited supply with a patient and talented team. We’re excited to increase quantities and bring you our new styles as we grow. 

For details on our supply chain, please see our Supply Chain Transparency page.

Thank you very much for your purchase and we hope you’ll feel beautiful, confident, and inspired in our clothes!