How Our Product Gets to You

Supply Chain Transparency

Midnight All Year is made exclusively in the USA with love for the whole wide world. We're based in Milton, Pennsylvania. Your purchase supports a network of American suppliers and manufacturers spanning Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Colorado, and Los Angeles who we’ve purposely selected to meet our high ethical standards.

It takes a large and diverse team in a difficult industry to deliver quality garments. We pay fair market rates to all of our partners for their skill, hard work, and quality products and services. This includes many extra expenses at our small batch quantities, but we’re thankful for the opportunity to support American industry and to create a unique product for you to feel beautiful in.

Our premium cotton fabrics are made to order in Los Angeles by a leader in the highest end fabric production market. Our cotton modal is a custom blend of all-natural, ring-spun, combed cotton yarns with modal sourced from replenishable, raw beech wood. Our modal recycles 95% of chemicals used during production, is carbon neutral, and uses less land per tonne and twenty times less water consumption than cotton. This allows us to meet strictest industry eco-conscious demands for our fabric as well as achieve luxurious quality.

Upon completion, our fabrics are shipped to NYC using EPA Smartway partnered freight. 

Our marking, grading, and pattern design process strives to come as close as possible to zero fabric waste during cutting for each limited batch. Our garments are sewn in very limited quantity in NYC. Our various factories are run by skilled and passionate experts who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic. We've been moved to see the support and care for safety our partners have shown their employees through this extremely difficult time.

Our weather-safe shipping envelopes and the papers within your shipment are made in Colorado by EcoEnclose, a shipping materials company committed to innovation that benefits our planet as e-commerce expands. Your mailer is made of 100% recycled waste and is reusable and recyclable where plastic bags are accepted.

To reduce waste, we've kept shipping materials to a plain and simple minimum. As a result your garments haven't been marked up to include branded luxury packaging.

We searched for American suppliers to make our custom recycled hang tags and found the exception to our USA rule in Canada where our tags are made of 30% recycled waste and are 100% recyclable (and shaped like book marks!).

We look forward to constantly improving our practices and products in all areas.


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